Victoria Barnes


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About Victoria

Victoria has been taking photos most of her life - starting as a young girl with a 110 camera with a cube flash, to today with a modern DSLR and sometimes even with her iPhone. Victoria finds comfort in nature, and often refers to her work as ‘her therapy.” Victoria’s focus on flowers and natural subjects really came into focus about six years ago after going through a major medical problem, when she found that completely immersing herself into nature helped her so much more than any type of medical treatment. In her spare time today, you’ll find Victoria in a local garden shooting anything she finds of interest.

Artist Statement

Like most photographers, I seek out details that spark my imagination.   I’m inspired by the things we often take for granted - the curve of a petal, the veins in a leaf, a ripple in the water or the bark of a tree. I stop to watch birds and squirrels and the way they live among us. Everything tells a story and I want my photos to help you see something you might have otherwise overlooked.

Particularly with my abstract photography, using camera movement intentionally, I want to capture the emotions I am feeling at the moment I click the shutter.  I want you to experience the sensation of comfort that a forest full of trees brings, or the sun spreading its glow on all that surrounds it as it rises or sets.    If you can sense the breeze that was blowing, or feel the warmth of the sun, then I know that I’ve accomplished my goal. 

“Nags Head”


“Sedona Sunset”


“WabiSabi Tulip”


“Dancer I”


“Dancer II”


“A Place for Solitude”


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