Izabella (Iza) Thomas

Coming to the Gallery in July

Oil Painting

Website: www.izathomas.com

Iza’s Artist Statement

Iam a visual artist based in Northern Virginia. I paint oil on canvas.

My goal as an artist is to provide through my art a vision of the world that incorporates realism, magic and the voiceless ghosts of experience. I bring an immigrant's lived life of being settled and unsettled at the same time where the familiar and unfamiliar are constantly intermingling.

I would describe my style of painting as Magical Realism. When I was a young girl, I fell in love with Magical Realism books by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Isabel Allende,Julio Cortazar and others. I still like Magical Realism but now I paint it.

I try and tell stories through my paintings, short stories that each viewer of my painting can then take and re-imagine according to their own lived lives. I find myself in astonishment as to what they see and what they bring to what is there. I am firmly of the opinion that art helps us exist in this world just as much as air and it brings joy as well as insight to that existence.

“The Lonesome Bride”

Oil on canvas 30”x40”

“Auction Finds III”

Oil on canvas

“Auction Finds IV”

Oil on canvas

“Cat Window IV”

Oil on Canvas (36”x36”)

“Magpie’s Jealousy”

Oil on Canvas (20”x20”)

“The Mannequin Story”

Oil on Canvas (24”x26”)

“Lights, Cameras, Action”

Oil on Canvas (30”x40”)

“Magpie’s Delight”

Oil on Canvas (18”x24”)


Oil on Canvas (22”x28”)

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